World Rugby Passport is the hub of World Rugby's online education, with links to all our sites, discussion forums and more. Tag Rugby ist eine kontaktlose Sportart aus der Mannschaftssportfamilie des. Das Tiefhalten, auch Tackling genannt, bezeichnet im Rugby die Spieltechnik, um den Gegenspieler aufzuhalten. Der Spieler versucht den Ballträger dadurch. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Das wichtigste Turnier der nördlichen Hemisphäre ist das jährlich stattfindende Six Nationsdas aus dem Home Nations, dem ältesten Rugbyturnier der Welt, hervorging. Das erste offiziell vom Weltverband unterstützte Spiel fand im Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh zum hundertjährigen Jubiläum des schottischen Rugbyverbandes statt. Jedes Cookie wie z. Cookie-Einstellung Bitte treffen Sie eine Auswahl. Neueste Beiträge Mentaltrainer Kieran Lees: Positionen im Rugby Union. Hier wird der Ball Beste Spielothek in Rauden finden wieder aufgenommen und ein Angriff eingeleitet. Wann kommt Dirk Nowitzki endlich zurück? Das wären rugbx schon richtig harte Brocken. So werden zum Beispiel die Spieler 1 bis 5 als Tight Five6 bis 8 als Loose Slot deutsch bezeichnet, da diese die ersten Stürmer sind, die vom Gedränge aufbrechen können. Die teilnehmenden Teams kommen aus England und Frankreich. Die 15 Spieler jeder Mannschaft werden in acht Stürmer ForwardsTrikotnummern 1 bis 8 und sieben Hintermannschaftsspieler BacksTrikotnummern 9 bis 15 unterteilt. Standardsituationen im Rugby League sind das nicht umkämpfte angeordnete Gedrängemit dem nach einem kleineren Foul Beste Spielothek in Pfennigstedterfeld finden, und nachdem der Ball im Aus war, das Spiel neugestartet wird. Wenn der zugesprochene Straftritt in der Nähe der Malstangen ist, wird die Mannschaft in der Regel versuchen den Ball zwischen die Malstangen zu kicken.

Den mest fysiska delen i rugby är tacklingarna. Domaren talar om för spelarna vilken situation som är aktuell. Ruck är dock strikt styrt av regler avsedda för att skydda spelarna.

I Rugby Union finns fyra olika sätt att göra poäng. Om bollen sparkas över ribban mellan stolparna ger detta 3 poäng.

Forwards har i regel numren och avbytarnummer Backarna har resterande nummer upp till 15 och I Rugby Union behöver de spelarna för det mesta kunna samma färdigheter - vissa undantag finns, kedjan deltar sällan i inkast och klungor medan forwardsen sällan sparkar bollen.

Detta skedde i ett dubbelmöte, där "unionregler" respektive "leagueregler" skulle gälla i vardera matchen. Bath vann matchen med För att göra en touchdown i Amerikansk fotboll behöver man inte lägga ner bollen men termen lever kvar trots det.

Vilket ursprung Australisk fotboll har är mer tveksamt. Spelet har mer likheter med Gaelisk fotboll än med Rugby.

För stad i England, se Rugby, Storbritannien. För distrikt, se Rugby District. Visningar Visa Redigera Redigera wikitext Visa historik. It is an international tournament that is organized by the Rugby League International Federation.

The event is played in the league format and features the top 14 teams from around the world. Rugby shirts were formerly made of cotton but are now made of a cotton and polyester mix.

This material has the advantage of not absorbing as much water or mud as cotton alone. The rugby jerseys are slightly different depending on the type of rugby game played.

The shirts worn by rugby league players commonly have a large "V" around the neck. The players in rugby union wear jerseys with a more traditional design, sometimes completely white Cahors Rugby in France.

The number of the player and his or her surname are placed on the upper back of the jersey often name above number, with the number being significantly larger and more central , and the logo of the team on the upper left chest.

With the popularity of rugby over the years, many betting establishments have made it possible for viewers of the game to place wagers on games.

The various types of wagers that can be placed on games vary, however, the main types of bets that can be placed are as follows:.

Like most team sports, both forms of rugby are vulnerable to match-fixing, particularly bets involving easily manipulated outcomes, such as conceding penalties and first point scorer.

A recent example is a deliberate infringement by Ryan Tandy in order for the first points scored to be a penalty goal in a NRL match; the attempt backfired when instead of taking a shot at goal, a try was scored.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. France vs Italy - a ruck. Player preparing to play the ball. Comparison of rugby league and rugby union. History of rugby union and History of rugby league.

Comparison of rugby league and rugby union , Laws of rugby league , and Rugby union numbering schemes.

Rugby union numbering schemes. Kennell, The Gymnasium of Virtue: From the great divide to the Super era". Retrieved 25 September Retrieved 30 May Archived from the original on 3 January Retrieved 17 August Retrieved 3 July But it would still be one of the biggest shocks in World Cup history if Papua New Guinea — the only country to have rugby league as its national sport — were to qualify for the last four.

The Encyclopedia of Rugby Union. The Case of Rugby League Football. Tony Collins, Football, rugby, rugger? Sport Governing bodies Sportspeople National sport.

American football eight-man flag nine-man six-man sprint touch wheelchair Canadian football Indoor American football Arena football. Beach Rugby league masters mod nines sevens tag wheelchair Rugby union American flag mini sevens snow tag touch tens Touch Wheelchair.

Sports and Games Portal. Rugby portal Rugby league portal Rugby union portal. Retrieved from " https: Rugby football Team sports Games and sports introduced in the 19th century Rugby School.

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Many different types of football are played throughout Britain. Running with the ball became common in s at Rugby School and Rugby School football became popular throughout the UK in the s, and s.

First written code of rules adopted at Rugby School. The first club to play rugby outside the British Islands.

The Football Association FA is formed, formalising the schism between association football and rugby football. The first rugby clubs are formed, followed by hundreds more in Cumberland, Lancashire and Yorkshire in the s, and s.

The British Army plays a game of rugby against civilians in Montreal, introducing rugby to the country. This movement would later evolve into Canadian football.

First recognised international rugby match , played between England and Scotland. Matthew Bloxam 's letter is published in The Meteor.

Although a Rugby Football Union inquiry in found no actual proof, it decided to perpetuate the myth.

English Rugby rules required for a tackled player, when the ball was "fairly held", to put the ball down immediately for scrummage. Concerned at the growing dominance of the largely working-class northern clubs, the Rugby Football Union introduces strict amateur rules: Charges of professionalism are laid against rugby football clubs in Bradford and Leeds, after they compensated players for missing work.

RFU votes down proposal. Widespread suspensions of northern clubs and players begin. Many factors played a part in the split, including the success of working class northern teams, a decree by the RFU banning the playing of rugby at grounds where entrance fees were charged, threat of expulsion from the RFU if clubs cannot prove their amateurism, and the banning of "broken time payments" to players who had taken time off work to play rugby.

Within fifteen years of that first meeting in Huddersfield, more than RFU clubs had left to join the Northern Union. To make the game more exciting, the Northern Union abolishes the line-out and reduces value of all goals to two points.

Line outs were replaced with punting the ball back into play from the touch-line. Tries worth three points. The Challenge Cup is established and proves a success from the start.

Batley became the first winners, beating Saint Helens 10—3. Professionalism is introduced in the Northern Union. The professionalism is strictly part-time, with players obliged to have other "proper" jobs.

Rugby union features at the Olympics. It finishes in the Olympics. The experiment in the Northern Union with the punt-out ends after only four years.

In future, play will be restarted with a scrum after the ball goes out of play. First rugby league international match. England lose to Other Nationalities 3—9, at Wigan.

England play South Africa known as the Springboks in rugby union for the first time. James Peters is withdrawn from the England squad after the South Africans objected to playing against a black player.

In the Northern Union the number of players is reduced from fifteen to thirteen a side, in order to allow more room for creative play.

A New Zealand professional rugby team tours Britain. They play under rugby union rules in Sydney. Rugby league spreads to Australia and New Zealand.

The first Premiership is won by South Sydney. Rugby league goes on to displace rugby union as the primary football code in New South Wales and Queensland.

The first Australian Kangaroo tourists visit Britain. Hunslet become the first club to win all four trophies available to them; the Championship, the Challenge Cup, the Yorkshire Cup and the Yorkshire League.

Hunslet were led by Albert Goldthorpe , a dominant figure in the early years of the code. South African rugby union tour of the British Isles and France.

Proposals are made and preliminary steps taken in Australia to amalgamate the rules of rugby league with Australian rules football — Australia's dominant football code outside New South Wales and Queensland — to form a universal football code for the country, [17] but efforts to that end subside as World War I escalates, [18] and are never seriously revived.

Northern Union changes its name to the Rugby Football League , the name used for the sport in Australia. The New Zealanders remained undefeated throughout the tour, earning the title "The Invincibles".

First rugby league Challenge Cup Final is played at Wembley. Wigan defeat Dewsbury 13—2 in front of 41, Unprecedented fourth rugby league test match played between Britain and Australia at Rochdale after third test is drawn 0—0.

Britain win the test 3—0 to take the Ashes. The French had been excluded from the rugby union Five Nations competition amid allegations of professionalism, so the country was receptive to the new game.

Rugby league is established in France by Jean Galia , a former rugby union international and champion boxer.

By , the French league has clubs. The French Vichy government bans rugby league, because of its links with the Allies and a desire to ban all professional sports.

Rugby union is allowed to carry on unscathed and regains much of the ground it had lost to rugby league. To this day, the rugby league clubs' assets have never been returned to them.

A Northern Command army rugby league side defeats a Northern Command rugby union side 18—11 at Headingley playing rugby union rules.

The following year a Combined Services rugby league side beats a Combined Services rugby union side 15— These are the only league vs union matches played until Brian Bevan makes his rugby league debut for Warrington.

Over the next 16 seasons he scored tries for the club in games. His career total was , more than ahead of his nearest rival.

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Hat er sich verzockt? Der Tagesspiegel Sport Fairness im Rugby: Jedes Cookie wie z. Three-quarters , 11, 14 und 15, die bei gegnerischen Angriffen oft wegen der Gefahr von Kicks zurückbleiben, werden auch Back Three genannt. Der Tagesspiegel Sport Rugby in Deutschland: Wie sehr Wild die Sportart durchdrungen hat, zeigt sich nicht nur am Neckar. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Large-scale cement production began in the town in around when the Rugby Portland Cement Company Ltd was founded to take advantage of the locally available Blue Lias limestone.

Willans and Robinson were the first engineering firm to arrive in Rugby in , [8] building steam engines to drive electrical generators, they were followed by British Thomson-Houston in , who manufactured electrical motors and generators.

Both firms started producing turbines in , and were in competition until both were united as part of GEC in By the s, the population of Rugby had grown to over 40,, and then to over 50, by the s.

A local board of health was established in Rugby in , to provide the town with the amenities necessary to cope with its growth, this was converted into an urban district council in Rugby's status was upgraded to that of a municipal borough in , and its boundaries were expanded to incorporate the formerly separate villages of Bilton , Hillmorton , Brownsover and Newbold-on-Avon which have become suburbs of the town.

In the postwar years, Rugby became well served by the motorway network, with the M1 and M6 merging close to the town.

Rugby is most famous for the invention of rugby football , which is played throughout the world. The invention of the game is credited to William Webb Ellis whilst breaking the existing rules of a football match played in at Rugby School.

Rugby School is one of England's oldest and most prestigious public schools , and was the setting of Thomas Hughes 's semi-autobiographical masterpiece Tom Brown's Schooldays.

A substantial part of the dramatisation of the novel, starring Stephen Fry , was filmed on location at Rugby School.

Hughes later set up a colony in America for the younger sons of the English gentry, who could not inherit under the laws of primogeniture, naming the town Rugby.

The town of Rugby, Tennessee still exists. Rugby is a birthplace of the jet engine. In April Frank Whittle built the world's first prototype jet engine at the British Thomson-Houston works in Rugby, and between based himself at Brownsover Hall on the outskirts, where he designed and developed early prototype engines.

Holography was invented in Rugby by the Hungarian inventor Dennis Gabor in In the 19th century, Rugby became famous for its once important railway junction which was the setting for Charles Dickens 's story Mugby Junction.

The modern town of Rugby is an amalgamation of the original town with the former villages of Bilton , Hillmorton , Brownsover and Newbold-on-Avon which were incorporated into Rugby in when the town became a borough , [5] [14] all except Brownsover still have their former village centres.

Rugby also includes the areas of New Bilton , Overslade and Hillside. The town centre is mostly Victorian and early 20th century, however a few much older buildings survive, along with some more modern developments.

Rugby was described by Nikolaus Pevsner as 'Butterfieldtown' [15] due to the number of buildings designed by William Butterfield in the 19th century, including much of Rugby School and the extension of St Andrew's Church.

Rugby town centre includes numerous restaurants of various kinds and many pubs. The town centre has an indoor shopping centre called Rugby Central which opened in previously named The Clock Tower shopping centre.

A street market is held in the town centre several days a week. In recent years several out-of-town retail centres have opened to the north of the town.

Rugby contains several large parks , most notably Caldecott Park near the town hall. The borough council along with Warwickshire County Council had plans to pedestrianise North Street, a busy road through the town centre as part of the town centre's regeneration.

This proved to be very controversial, with the town's major bus operator Stagecoach in Warwickshire threatening to reduce many bus services if the road closed to traffic.

Ultimately however, the plans were abandoned in favour of a redesign of the nearby "Gyratory" traffic system which lies just outside the town centre itself.

Rugby is administered by two local authorities: The two authorities are responsible for different aspects of local government. Rugby is an unparished area and so does not have its own town council.

Rugby Town Hall pictured dates from , and is beside Caldecott Park. An earlier town hall on High Street dated from and was for many years a Marks and Spencer shop.

From until Rugby was a constituency in itself. From until Rugby was a marginal seat which changed hands between the Conservative and Liberal parties, from until it was Labour dominated.

In Rugby became part of the parliamentary constituency of Rugby and Kenilworth , one of the Midlands' most marginal seats.

At the general election Jeremy Wright regained the seat for the Conservatives. Following the recommendations of the Boundary Commission for England , Warwickshire was allocated a sixth parliamentary seat.

In the general election, the existing Rugby and Kenilworth constituency was abolished and split in two.

A new Rugby constituency was created, and a new constituency of Kenilworth and Southam formed to the south of Rugby, and as a result the town regained its pre status of returning its own member of parliament, albeit with the addition of the Bulkington Ward from Nuneaton.

Jeremy Wright chose to stand for Kenilworth and Southam in the general election and was successful. For most of the 20th Century manufacturing was the largest employer in Rugby.

Since the s manufacturing employment has gone into decline, and service industries are now the largest source of employment.

They used to dominate employment in the town. They are now amalgamated to form Alstom. Engineering in Rugby is still the most important sector.

Another major industry in Rugby is cement making; Rugby Cement works, on the western outskirts, makes cement from the local Jurassic Lias limestone.

The cement industry in Rugby dates back to the s. In the s the Rugby Cement works was dramatically expanded, and in other Rugby Cement plants at Southam and Rochester were closed, with all production moved to the Rugby plant, [21] now one of the largest of its type in Europe.

Since the s several large industrial estates have been built to the north, and warehousing and distribution have become major employers.

This is due to the town's close proximity to the M6 motorway Junction 1 and M1 Junction 19 , at the heart of the UK's motorway network. Further afield, within the Rugby borough is the Rolls-Royce engineering works near Ansty.

This is nearer to Coventry than Rugby, but is a major employer to the Rugby population. Tourism is also important to the town's economy, especially related to Rugby football.

One of the last links to Rugby's rural past was the cattle market held near the railway station, and earlier in the "Market Place" in the old centre of Rugby since medieval times.

The market near the railway station was closed in late and the site has been redeveloped into housing, a hotel and a Tesco store as part of a wider scheme of work in the station area.

One of the most notable landmarks around Rugby was, until August , the Rugby VLF transmitter , a large radio transmitting station just to the east of the town.

The station was opened in and was used to transmit the MSF time signal. Several of the masts however were decommissioned and demolished by explosives in , although a few, including four of the biggest masts remained until Firing the explosive charges was delayed by rabbits gnawing the wires.

However the majority of the smaller masts still stand, awaiting demolition before becoming a housing estate. Rugby Cement works, to the west of the town, can be seen for many miles.

Standing at just metres high, the landmark is not a popular one— in it came in the top ten of a poll of buildings people would like to see demolished on the Channel 4 television series Demolition.

The town has statues of three famous locals: The Rupert Brooke statue is situated at the forked junction of Regent Street on the green and commemorates his contribution to poetry.

St Andrew's Church , in the town centre, is Rugby's original parish church. A church has stood on the site since the 13th century.

The church was extensively re-built and expanded in the 19th century, designed by William Butterfield. The west tower was probably built during the reign of Henry III — to serve a defensive as well as religious role, and is Rugby's oldest building.

The church has other artefacts of medieval Rugby including the 13th-century parish chest, and a medieval font.

Rugby's main Roman Catholic church is St. Maries [1] on Dunchurch Road. It is one of the town's most well-known landmarks as it is quite dominant on the skyline.

Its spire is the tallest in Warwickshire [ citation needed ]. The church was built in , designed by Pugin in the Early English style.

Rugby is near several major trunk routes including the M6 , M1 and M45 motorways and the A45 road. In a short local bypass , the first part of the Rugby Western Relief Road , was opened, running from the A Lawford Road along the edge of the built-up area to the A road from Rugby through Bilton and Cawston a little west of Cawston, to take through heavy traffic off suburban housing roads such as Addison Road.

Buses run to Coventry, Southam, Leamington Spa, Daventry, Leicester and Northampton as well as serving the major estates of the town on a regular basis.

Stagecoach in Warwickshire have a depot in the town. Rugby Rail Users Group is campaigning hard to secure more direct express services down the Trent Valley main line to Crewe, Preston and beyond.

Rugby has had a railway station since , when the London and Birmingham Railway was opened, though the present station dates from Rugby station used to be served by lines which have now been closed, including lines to Leicester.

Leamington Spa , and Peterborough. These were closed in the s as part of the Beeching cuts. Between and , Rugby had a second station; Rugby Central station on the former Great Central Main Line which had services to London Marylebone to the south and Leicester , Nottingham and Sheffield to the north.

The station and line were closed in the s as part of the Beeching cuts. British Railways ' steam locomotive testing centre was in Rugby.

Warwickshire County Council has proposed Rugby Parkway station be built on the Northampton Loop Line , south-east of the existing station, serving the Hillmorton area of the town.

The station is to be built in between the current edge of town and DIRFT to accommodate for the future expansion of the town where 2, homes are planned to be built over a 15 to year period.

England make four changes for final Test. Oosthuizen closes on Garcia at Nedbank. Holmes tips Muir for Olympic gold.

Five ways to beat the All Blacks How do you upset the most dominant team in sport? Best hopes Schmidt will stay at Ireland.

Scots set dates for World Cup warm-ups. Scrum V Rugby Podcast: Wales wing Adams swaps fan seat for a starting spot.

Absence of Kearney and Murray 'a blessing in disguise'. He can sniff a try - Jones on recalled England wing Ashton. Scottish-style Exeter Chiefs would suit Hogg - Tait.

Scotland v Fiji Sat. Inside the Wales Camp - access all areas. Follow the autumn internationals on the BBC.

Live sport online coverage from the BBC. Scores Fixtures Results Table. Scores Fixtures Results Tables. Wales have 'momentum' going into Australia game Alun Wyn Jones says Wales go into Saturday's game against Australia with confidence on the back of six successive wins.

Relive England's famous win over New Zealand in Has Gatland picked a team which can beat Australia? Championship Cup experimental tackle laws explained.

All Blacks 'would die from shame' doing Ashton swan dive. Inside the Wales camp: Scrum V's Wales 10 debate. England edge topsy-turvy match against South Africa.

Full list of BBC rugby union commentaries. England v All Blacks quiz - know your history? From the section Rugby Union.

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In a short local bypassthe comdirect mobile app part of the Rugby Western Relief Roadwas opened, running from the A Lawford Road along the edge of the built-up area to the A road from Rugby through Bilton and Cawston a little west of Cawston, to take through heavy traffic off suburban housing roads such as Addison Beste Spielothek in Kaisersmad finden. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Archived from the original on 27 September A rugby league try is increased to four points. The first match was at Maine Road, Manchester under league rules, Wigan beating Bath 82—6; then two weeks weltcup slalom the return match was held at Twickenham under union rules, Bath 44 beating Wigan Soon the rules of rugby league were modified, resulting in two distinctly different forms of rugby. Holography was invented in Rugby by the Hungarian inventor Dennis Gabor in Smaller sized balls may also be used in games between younger players. Although a Rugby Football Union inquiry in fakt online Beste Spielothek in Rotenturm finden actual proof, it decided to nicki lauda unfall the myth. Wales hooker Ken Owens provides a tour of the side's training camp as they prepare to face Australia, tischtennis weltmeisterschaft 2019 Chris Jones.

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So werden zum Beispiel die Spieler 1 bis 5 als Tight Five , 6 bis 8 als Loose Forwards bezeichnet, da diese die ersten Stürmer sind, die vom Gedränge aufbrechen können. Die Nachricht, es nun doch über das Viererturnier in Marseille nach Japan schaffen zu können, fiel in eine Zeit, als das Deutsche Rugby weltweit negative Schlagzeilen produzierte. Die Stadt liegt 21 km östlich von Coventry , nahe der Grenze zu Northamptonshire und Leicestershire und ist bekannt durch die Rugby School , an der der danach benannte Sport Rugby erfunden worden sein soll. In Europa gibt es seit ein Five Nations beziehungsweise ab Six Nations Tournament, das den deutschen Spielerinnen wie das Gegenstück bei den Männern verschlossen ist. Das Marktrecht erhielt Rugby und entwickelte sich bald danach zu einem regionalen Handelszentrum. Des Weiteren gibt es auf der südlichen Hemisphäre noch die argentinische Nacional de Clubes. Oft sind auch andere Bezeichnungen für Spieler -gruppen üblich. Ziel des Spiels ist es, mehr Punkte als die gegnerische Mannschaft zu erzielen. Erhöhungtritte und Straftritte müssen per Dropkick ausgeführt werden. Sie wird seit dem alle vier Jahre ausgetragen, wobei die für das Turnier qualifizierten Nationalmannschaften um die Melrose-Cup-Trophäe spielen. Das erste offiziell vom Weltverband unterstützte Spiel fand im Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh zum hundertjährigen Jubiläum des schottischen Rugbyverbandes statt. Wenn es die Situation erlaubt, kann der Ball zu einem Spieler gepasst werden, der nicht Teil des Pakets ist oder ein Spieler kann vom Paket aus mit dem Ball aufbrechen und das Paket verlassen. Die Stadt selbst hat nicht den Status einer eigenen Gemeinde unparished und besitzt deshalb keine politisch eigenständige Verwaltung. Wie schlagen sich die deutschen Spieler in der NFL? Im Stadtzentrum gibt es zahlreiche Restaurants und Pubs sowie zwei Nachtclubs. In den er und er Jahren siedelten sich immer mehr Betriebe an und Rugby wurde eines der Industriezentren in den Midlands. Wer macht das Rennen? Spieltag der EuroLeague auf einen Knaller freuen: Siehe Abseitsregel Rugby Union.

Rugbx -

In den er und er Jahren siedelten sich immer mehr Betriebe an und Rugby wurde eines der Industriezentren in den Midlands. Grundsätzlich bleibt alles gleich, nur dass sich die Anzahl der Spieler pro Mannschaft auf 7 reduziert und das Spiel kürzer ist. Tatsächlich können die Kontaktsituationen Auslöser sein, um freien Raum zu kreieren, der für einen erfolgreichen Angriff notwendig ist. Rugby liegt im Bereich zweier unterschiedlicher Verwaltungen: Die Stadt selbst hat nicht den Status einer eigenen Gemeinde unparished und besitzt deshalb keine politisch eigenständige Verwaltung. September um Seit heute stehen erstmals die Rugby-Regeln in deutscher Sprache auf der offiziellen Seite des Der Offensive Tackle las vegas casino wie funktioniert das Footballspielen im Schnelldurchgang. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Die 7er-Rugby-Weltmeisterschaft wurde erstmals ausgetragen. Sie können Ihre Cookie-Einstellung jederzeit hier ändern: Deutschland ohne Chance gegen Belgien ran.

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